CIST1530 Photoshop Final Project

Final Project Poster

Girl Before

Girl After

door before

door After
  • fixed red eyes, cleared face a bit
  • cropped and adjusted saturation

Old Paper Before

Old paper after
  • Adjusted color and saturation and brightness
  • Added ripped edges with transparent eraser and saved as a .png

Baby Before

Baby After
  • Fixed persective and made the background transparant
  • Darkend the saturation and added color

Baby Before

Baby After
  • Cropped with a lot of the clone and heal tools

Gentleman Before

Gentlemen After
  • Clone, heal and smudge and a bit of warp on the neck
  • Cropped and adjusted saturation

Family Before

Family After
  • Edited brightness and Saturation and cropped

Woman Before

Woman After
  • Clone tool on the hair and face, adjusted colors and flipped the image

Vampire "Coffee" Before

Vampire "Coffee" After
  • Changed the colors so the brown looks more red using the hue and saturation
  • Added text to the coffee cup and scaled and transformed it to fit

Vampire "Coffee" Before

Vampire "Coffee" After
  • Clone and heal tool and crop. Color curves adjusted.